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Screen Panels

Screen Panels

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Slot panels are screening media with slots that allow smaller particles to pass through while retaining larger ones. They are used in industries like mining, aggregate processing, and wastewater treatment. Slotted panels offer high throughput, accurate particle separation, and durability. They ensure efficient material separation, uniform product quality, and easy installation and maintenance.

Square panels are a type of screening media with square-shaped openings. They are commonly used in various industries for particle separation and material classification. Square panels provide excellent screening efficiency, allowing precise control over the size and distribution of screened materials. They offer high throughput capacity, improved accuracy in separating particles, and are easy to install and maintain. Square panels are designed to enhance productivity and ensure consistent product quality.

Slot direction refers to the orientation or alignment of the slots in a screening panel or deck. It determines the flow direction of the material being screened. Slot direction can be either slot with flow or slot into pin.

  • High efficiency refers to the ability of equipment to perform tasks or processes with maximum effectiveness and minimal waste.
  • It focuses on optimizing performance, throughput, and productivity while maintaining quality standards.
  • High-efficiency equipment is designed to achieve superior results in terms of speed, accuracy, energy consumption, and overall performance.
  • Heavy-duty equipment, on the other hand, is designed to withstand and handle heavy loads or intense operational conditions.
  • It emphasizes durability, strength, and resilience to withstand rigorous use and harsh environments.
  • Heavy-duty equipment is typically built with robust materials, reinforced components, and specialized designs to handle challenging tasks or demanding applications.
  • It is suitable for industries that involve heavy loads, extreme conditions, or continuous operation, such as construction, mining, or manufacturing.

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